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Posting... just for the sake of writing...

I don't want the words to leave me. I just want it there - like a stock of dried fruits - ready to eat - anytime, anywhere - when you want to. It's been long since I've written anything.

And yet there is none to write.

It is so easy to immerse oneself in a game, a movie or a show. But to live life... damn.

Come what may.:)

Turning back...
Ok, this is real life.

Reality bites!And it can be really disappointing but that is life...

No other way but forward...

That is what I have to keep in mind!!!

My mind currently is like a computer that needs DEFRAGMENTING.
Lots of spaces in between which need sorting, compressing, fixing and much CLEANING UP!

Writing is my defragment tool and hopefully I could resolve the issues within...

I can be pretty much a perfectionist. When I decided on doing something, expect it being done.
I do my best in every single thing, whether it be just dicing some vegetable, sweeping, typing, etc.
When I set my sights on goal, I exume all possible efforts to attain it.

I am currently at that stage where I am serious about attaining something.
The sad thing is, I can't immerse myself in making that ambition a reality.
I am being set upon a different path! A path which is rather set on stone, if not permananent, quite difficult to turn away from.
And I must take it or risk the disapproval of the whole bloodline!

Anyone, given the chance would be jumping with joy, while I take on the opposition.
Maybe I am just acting like a spoiled brat.  They say I should be glad and that I should actually be happy, not many are given that window of opportunity.
I understand, I have thought through everything, and yes, it can do me good. But how about that dream?

If you've set your eyes on something for so long and are so close to getting it, then suddenly it vanishes or is taken away from you, won't you feel bad?

I guess, the best solution is to GET OVER IT. Move on and forget. So many buts... but then again, but I can't bring myself to forget about it...

For some unknown reason, watching the 8UPPERS Tour is making me remember that now vague, hazy goal I had so wanted to live.


Then again, like everything else, THIS TOO SHALL PASS...
hopefully sooner than expected. 'Till then I will try to hold on to anything I can grab on to.
This too shall pass, and afterwards a new found strength will be found.

I believe. I must believe. The heavens will not throw a boulder at you if they think you cannot handle it.

I believe! Everything will be okay...

Thank you. (if anyone happens to stumble and read this) and Good day!

Just rants...
 Funny, I write usually after watching something. Watching something 'til the end of it, that is.

Of all the dramas I watched, this was one truly unique one.
No other drama made me cry every single episode. Literally. 
Funny, the series isn't really hard-core drama, it's genre lies more on the romantic comedy type.
But don't get me wrong, I roared with laughter (literally) quite as much as the tears rolled off.
Anybody who heard and saw me while watching would have wondered if a mentally challenged individual resided near them.
One minute laughing, another minute later, crying.
It's just simply amazing!
Yasuko to Kenji is one of many drama series that I truly enjoyed.
It is also but one of the few of whose ending, I could say nothing else but, perfect.
Just like Goldilocks in Baby Bear's porridge. Perfect.
Yes, I am a fan of happy endings. But then again, who is not?:)
The drama series is light, fun. Great for people who have got nothing to do or who have got lots to do and would like to de-stress. 
Can't think of anything? Stuck in a moment? Writer's block? Take a moment and watch this, you might come up with something.
Yeah, I'm all praises, 'cause I really did enjoy it.:)
They say that the best things come in small packages. 
They say that simple is elegant. 
Yasuko to Kenji is simple as it is and light for the heart. And thus, for me, this drama is simply one of the best!
For those who've seen this series, I hope that you share the same sentiments.:)
If you haven't seen it, I recommend it with both thumbs up and feet included!:)


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